?* kit assembling instructions

last update: 11 April 2023


?* connect to allot of walkmans with the AN6650 chip in it.

    Solder the ?* PCB:
  1. Solder the small components, resistors, diode.
  2. 5v1 Zener Diode (has polarity, the line where the line is)
  3. 6k8 resistor, 68k resistor (says 100k on the PCB), 10k resistor.
  4. There is no specific order for the rest of the components
  5. Solder all the pots, there is one 500k (B504) pot, the rest is 50k (B503)
  6. Don't puch the knobs on the pots before they are on the PCB, when they are on the pots you cannot remove them again without breaking the pots, so be sure thet are how you want them.
  7. Push the button caps on the switches , make sure the are aligned nicely with the border of the PCB and the other switches, then solder them individually (align individually also).
  8. Solder the rest of the components