?kind kit assembling instructions

last update: 10 Jan 2023


?kind connects to ByronStatics KCS-315. There are two versions, they have the same name and look the same, but are different from the inside, instructions for both versions are below here.

    Solder the PCB:
  1. Solder all the smallest components first, resistor 68k, 6k8, diode (small red/transparent 5v1, has polarity).
  2. Then the bigger ones; switches, jack socket, pots (50k) (for pots keep the soldering iron under 300 Celcius degrees).
    Open Walkman:
  1. Unscrew all screws and remove back panel.
  2. If you see allot of small SMD components (resistors, capacitors) on the PCB, you have the old version of the walkman, click here to scroll down to your next step.
  3. Unscrew all the one screw holding the PCB.
    Lift PCB:
  1. Push against the enclosure to the side to make space for the PCB to be lifted out.
  2. At the same time lift from the USB connector side up.
    Remove R2 (old version image below, new version image above here):
  1. Desolder/remove R2 SMD resistor from walkmans PCB, See below image where i already removed R2 (put little bit of solder on your iron and hold it to the resistor, it will melt loose, now slowly lift of the iron. The resistor will stick to it, now clean your iron and the resistor will be gone. There is a resistor (R15) next to R2 that you should not desolder, be verry carefull not to desolder it, they are close together and its almost impossible to re solder it for a noob ;-))).
  2. Solder wires as below image shows (on the new version of the walkman the connection points are the same as the old verion.

When soldering the walkman, be care full that you never touch the belt with the iron, one touch and you need a new belt..

The nrs 1, 2, 3 connect to the pcb where it says 1, 2, 3 (next to the jack socket).

When everything is soldered, cut all legs as short ass possible, screw it all together ans stick the PCB to the walkman with the 2mm thick dubble sided foam tape (be sure to stick it in so the battery doo can still open and the casette tape door also).