Master Clock Generator

Generates LSDj, Nanoloop MIDI and Sync24 clock signals.

mcg what is what

This clock generator generates 4 different clock formats.. LSDj clock, Nanoloop clock, sync24 clock, and MIDI clock.
And all signals are send out at the same time.
The amount of outputs are:

The nice thing is that you can sync 2 (up to 4 running lsdj) gameboys at the same time.
This means you can load a track on one gameboy and mix it in at the same BPM as the one already playing..

The clock generator has been tested to work on the following devices

The clock generator has been tested NOT to work with the following programs
I have no experience with these programs.. so i might just be doing something wrong.. (or are they not suposed to work with just clock signals and start/stop messages? tel me).

p.s. Feel free to contact me, to confirm more compatibilitys.. or non compatibilitys