Analog-HD2 assembling

last update: 8 March 2024

These are instructions for the analog-HD kit.

If you have the Thru hole version, check this pdf for where the parts go.

Assemble the PCB, for orientation of the 220uF capacitors see the picture above here.

The inductors are mounted on the bottom side.

Under the magnet there is the coil that moves the arm, because the arm moves it can hit the ends on the length it can swing. Sometimes there are rubbers to make it hot not so hard agains the side. If they are not there you can use what you like to dampen the hitting. I use the sticky felt pads from under chairs, or shrink tube or rubber with sticky tape. In the above picture i used shrink tube on the tip stopper, and the bottom stopper had already a rubber ring around it.

When you are done with the sound dampening you can put the magnet back.

The arm usually also has a stop positon that works with a magnet, you have to remove this magnet, it is a tiny little magnet. But sometimes it can also be a peace of metal the gets close to the big magnet from the HD arms coil.

There is also a small peace of plastic that can lock the arm, you can remove this also.

Another thing to remove is the tip of the arm with the read sensor, they are flat and move over the HD to read it. you can pull them off of you pull away from the arm, you can also cut them off.

Usually there is a flex PCB (the orange looking flat flexible thing from the arm) that then usually goes to the bottom side of the HD with a connector that pushes against a PCB to make contact with it.
On this connector you can measure with a multi meter to find the correct points. They are usually between 20ohm and 5ohm, mostly 10ohm. And they are often next to each-other.
You can also look at the flex PCB and look for two thick traces that have equal width, then follow those to the connector.

On the Quantum bigfoot this connection can be made from the top of the HD.

In the above picture the left connection is the C connection.

Measure the resistance between the 4 pin HD motor connector to find the center connection (C). A connection between A and C will give half the ohms of a connection between A and A. This way you can find C.

Drill a hole for the wires to go thru in the HD. Then wire the AnalogHD2 PCB to the HD. And put hot glue on the wires so they dont get loose.

Make the corners flat if they are not, so the spacers can stay horizontal.

Drill holes to mount the PCB on the HD, there are already holes in te PCB, but they are maybe not in the place where its needed. Then you can change where they are with a file or drill.

Mount on the side of the HD.

Should look smth like this.