Schele-Mixer2c assembling instructions

last update: 25 September 2023

  1. Put all components into the PCB like above picture, make sure the push switches are in the correct direction.
  2. Solder everything as traint as possible to the PCB like above. This way the top panel will fit onto it in the last step.

  1. Test if the schele mixer works correctly.
  2. Make sure the 9v battery clip is the correct length, you can leave it in a curve between the green PCB and the bottom panel.
  3. Put caps on the push switched.
  4. Put the washer on the 3.5mm jack socket.

  1. Put the bolts thru the bottom panel.
  2. Put the small spacers on the bolts.
  3. Put the PCB on the bolts.
  4. Put the big spacers on the bolts.
  5. Put the top panel on the bolts.
  6. Put the on the bolts.
  7. Put the knobs on the pots.