Zachteman kit assembling instructions

last update: 7 October 2019


Zachteman is compatible with the following walkmans by Philips:

The kit does not include a walkman, so you have to find it online second hand or somewhere else. Second hand walkmans often work fine, but some might need a new belt. A new belt can be found here: Cassette Tape Machine Belt. If the drive wheel is broken, the easiest to do is to get another cheap broken walkman and take it from that one, look for one that has no autoreverse and preferably is brandless or philips.

Mount walkman on backpanel.

Align it to the holes and the battery flap. Use a 1.5mm drill to pre drill the holes for the 6x 2mm screws. (Be carefull not to drill thru it to far, then you could drill into the PCB or other components inside the walkman and destroy it).

Desolder 1 x resistor from walkman PCB.

See above image red circle.
One jumper, you can use the leg of a resistor to jump it.

See above image green circles, resistor is on bottom side.
It is difficult to do but it has to be done.
Push on the resistor leg with your soldering iron so it goes down away from the PCB.
use a thin long screw driver to keep tension on the resistor (or a pinset) while you melt the solder with your iron. carefully get it out of the walkman when it is loose.
be carefull not to touch the gearswith your solderingiron, if you do you need to find a new walkman.

Solder wires to walkman.

4 X wires, make sure to stick to the colors i use. (in the kit green is replaced by a black wire).

Drill hole in case walkman, and glue wires with hot glue.

Solder small components to Zachteman PCB

Solder wires to Zachteman PCB.

Screw it together