HSS2020 kit assembling

last update: 5 April 2021

Please use lead free solder, because you will handle this with your hands when you use the device.

  1. Puch the potmeters in the sockets and make sure they are strait before you solder them (it works good to solder the big holes first).
  2. Solder the power switch.
  3. Solder the battery socket.
  4. Clean the solder joints you soldered with paint thinner or alcohol.
  5. Power up the device and check if it works. If the device works connect a audio signal to the audio input and play audio thru it, if the audio clips in a not nice sounding way you can do the mod in the picture below. (it shifts the center of the waveform down so it does not hit the top rail).
  6. Puch the spacers into the Plexiglas top panel and puch it down into the HSS2020 (check if it aligns good with the center potmeter).