VU Perc Relay kit assembling

last update: 22 Jun 2022

VU Perc Relay kits assembling instructions.

(The SMT power connector you have to solder yourself the rest of the SMT parts are already soldered onto the PCB).

All components in the kit.

File clean the relay on the side and the metal side of the piezo. so the have good connection when you glue them with the 1 second glue.

Cut the VU Meter on the corners where i cut it to and wiggle with the cutters to get it loose.

Solder one of the LED legs to the side of the Piezo and bend it like the above picture. Then cut the thin shrink tube in two and shrink one half on. Then put the other over the previous one and shrink it over that one.

Bend the bigger copper strip and add it like the above picture. Then add the bigger shrink tube on the end where the uu meter hits it.

Solder the wires as above and if you want to you add extra reverberation with left over copper strips.

Now it should look like this (as you might see i forgot the 2x3 connector so i added it at the end).

Solder the Vactrol (GL5528 + ultra bright red LED) the light does not go in because the shrink tube bends as you can see. The side with short and long leg is the LED, see pictures where it goes, it is also written the silkscreen.

One 22pf capacitor is added over the 200k trimmer pot.

I use two planks to push in the IDC connector.

Make cable as below. and push it onto the module with the VU Meter and Relay. connect the side that is the lowest otherwise it does not fit (see pictures below).

For the IDC power cable copy a cable you already have, power connection polarity is marked on the PCB.

Finished ;) .. not yet. now you need to tune it.