4Swing kit assembling

last update: 22 Jun 2022

4Swing kits assembling instructions.

There is one modification that is optional, the parts for it are included in the 4Swing kit, there is also a expander that can be build as a separate kit.

4Swing kit parts list.txt.

Solder these parts first. 2n3904 + 2n3906 connected with shrink tube. 2k multi trimmer pot. 100k trimmer pot.

Now put the rest of the components in the PCB, and mount the front pannel. When mounting the nuts of the potmeters be verry carefull to tighten them just a verry little bit otherwise it will destroy the potmeters when you heat them up with your soldering iron.

When soldering the switches push them towards the PCB so the are flat on the PCB (they always fall down because of gravity).

Solder the SMT eurorack power connector.

Hold modification.

You can add the expander or do the Hold mod, you cannot do both.

Replace the White range button with the black button, this shows the mod has been dont on the module.

Drill out the via hole as on the picture below.

Solder a 2k2 resistor to a small signal diode (direction away from the resistor).

Solder the wires as below (there are 3 wires soldered, 2 green ones and one is a leg of a resistor ( to the center of the push button switch)).

Expander assembling instructions

You can add the expander or do the Hold mod, you cannot do both.

The only thing needed is to solder wires as below, there is no need to drill holes for the expander.
Here is a picture of the PCB layout of the expander, and the expander parts list.