A simple and cheap way of making body contacts on plastic toy's

The tools required are:

  1. Thongs
  2. Chair-Nail
  3. Soldering-Iron


Find a good toy!
This one is just fine.. It's made from plastic and it uses battery's.


Hold the Chair-Nail in the Pair of Thongs like below.
hold pin


Hold the Soldering-Iron on the Chair-Nail And wait till the nail gets warm..
solder purge contact
(When the nail gets warm it will melt through the plastic)
If this takes too long for you.. you can hold the Soldering-Iron on the bottom of the nail.
worm close to eye
This way it will heat up much fater..


When the nail has penetrated the plastic because of the heat, the plastic will cool down rapidly and hold the nail tightly in it's place..
elefant eye
Now we can solder a wire on the other side of the pin, and connect it to a body contact point on the circuit-board..
Thats it!!

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