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Guitar sound

In this instrument we use the tr-727 samples to create a guitar like sound..
You can also just put in a sample of a guitar.. but this is more fun.. And when you use the sound like this you will automaticaly get extra texture.. i think.


Fill in a number in the WAV channel

Fill in a number in the CHAIN screen

Set a INSTRUMENT to these settings.

The LEN is short so it plays only a short peace of the sample.. and the LOOP is ON so it repeats the short peace.. TABLE 00 is selected

TABLE 00 has a S10 with a H00 just after it, so it will walk throu the sample..
In the PHRASE screen you put in the sample LCA. this is the one making the guitar sound..
You can also put in instruments with different settings.. like half SPEED. And/or with different LEN settings...
And put the instrument on in the PHRASE screen..
You can also put in some effects (V's, P's and S's)..