3TrinsRGB+1c plugins

About: These are plugins that plug into the header connector of the 3TrinsRGB1, they can add extra functionality via circuits, be presets or ...

(User build documentation: JonDent)

3T Plugin: 2xSPDT&4XSPST

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin 2xSPDT&4XSPST Manual.txt
Images: 1.jpg
Layout: 3TrinsRGB-Pluggins-2xSPDT+4XSPST-Layout.jpg

3T Plugin: SPST&SPDT

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin SPST+SPDT Manual.txt
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AevnnDlMsKE
Images: 1.jpg
Schematic: Plugin-SPST+SPDT-Schematic.jpg
Layout: 3TrinsRGB Plugin-SPST+SPDT-Layout.jpg

3T Plugin: 2xVideo in Negative

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin 2x Video in Negative Manual.txt
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiI-ZDWMZCM
Images: 1.jpg
Schematic: 2xVideoInNegative-schematic.jpg
Layout: 2xVideoInNegative-layout.jpg

3T Plugin: Video in-Lines

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin: Video inlines.txt
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udqcI07FX2o
Images: 1.jpg
Schematic: 3t-Video-inLines-Schematic.jpg
Layout: 3t-Video-inLines-Layout.jpg

3T Plugin: Comparator

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin: Comparator.txt
Images: 1.jpg
Layout: Comparator.jpg

3T Plugin: Oscillator

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin: Oscillator.txt
Images: 1.jpg
Layout: Oscillator.jpg

3T Plugin: Potmeter

Manual: 3T+1c Plugin: Potmeter.txt
Images: 1.jpg